august 20 2015
Almaty, Kazakhstan

Ruslan Suleymanov - new speaker of Kazakhstan Gaming Congress


Ruslan Suleymanov - new speaker of Kazakhstan Gaming Congress

Recently ban on conduct of gambling and betting activities came into effect in Kyrgyzstan. This directly changes market condition in neighboring Kazakhstan, where bookmakers hastily shift its activities.

In order to understand development prospects and not miss current changes that are already happening in gambling industry of Kazakhstan, Ruslan Suleymanov will speak at Gaming Congress.

"The objectives of the law were good, but none of the gamers was protected, since now anyone can make bet even through the phone".

Ruslan Suleymanov, Head of

Speaker is the founder and head of betting company that was prominent market leader with a large network of betting shops across the country before the law banning sports betting in Kyrgyzstan entered into force.

Moreover, as President of the Association of Kyrgyzstan betting companies and representatives of the Kazakh branch of, Ruslan is directly involved in transformation of betting market in the region.

Therefore, during the conference speaker will report of relevant topic "Prohibition of bookmakers operation in Kyrgyzstan and its consequences".

During Gaming Congress, Speaker will tell more about transformations of betting market and potential competition Kazakhstan gambling businesses will have to face.

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