august 20 2015

Will you find out how to open an online casino at Kazakhstan Gaming Congress?


Will you find out how to open an online casino at Kazakhstan Gaming Congress?

Have you dreamt for a long time about opening an online casino, being afraid to take the first steps to your success? Denis Zheltovsky, business development manager of the company Casexe ltd. will help you with great pleasure. As part of the Kazakhstan Gaming Congress, he will present a report on the topic: "How to create an online casino without loss". The event will be held on August 20, 2021 in Almaty, the registration is now open online.

How to organize an online casino with guaranteed profit? The most cautious start out with small investments and only later invest more to obtain good returns. This approach allows them to gain the necessary experience without any financial loss. In the development of the business it is very useful to get good advice from those who have relevant experience in the industry. "Our speaker is willing to tell you what to do and what not to do, and how to avoid major mistakes in the creation of an online casino.

Denis Zheltovsky knows the answers to these questions firsthand: he has worked for many years in Casexe.

Casexe ltd is an innovator in software development for online gambling. With years of experience and based on new researches and analysis of the online gambling global market, Casexe ltd. provides its customers with high-tech intelligent products. The innovative approach allows the company to develop software solutions using modifications, depending on the needs of each client. CASEXE is a very popular universal platform for online casinos, the potential of which is almost unlimited. Casexe ltd is an active participant of international exhibitions and conferences, and a frequent guest of gambling activities conducted by "Smile-Expo".

Kazakhstan Gaming Congress is organized for the first time in Kazakhstan. The event will be interesting to the top management of the casino and gaming equipment manufacturers, betting companies and owners, developers, online platforms and investors, major developers and owners of hotel and tourism business. KGC mission is to shed light on the limitless possibilities offered by the gambling area for businessmen interested in the subject.

Kazakhstan Gaming Congress will be held on August 20, 2021 in Almaty.