august 20 2015
Almaty, Kazakhstan

How will online casino of the future look like?


How will online casino of the future look like?

How will online casino of the future look like?

Online casino of the future – how will it look? Both the beginners and experienced gambling specialists ask this question, predicting a significant level-up of the industry in the next few years.

Expert view

According to Technavio, by 2020 annual increment in profit of virtual gambling market will be about 11%, with about 15% will be accounted for the European gambling sector.

The latest research of Juniper Research analysts has shown that by 2021 the turnover of the remote gambling market will reach $1 trillion, while in 2016 the total turnover is about $550 billion.

According to Lauren Foye, co-author of the research, the lion's share of the revenue will belong to mobile sector. Foye also emphasizes that the increase in profit will contribute to the virtual reality (VR) and omnichannel.

Technologies of the future – VR & Omnichannel

VR is no longer an unattainable technology of the future. Today more and more organizers of remote gambling are trying to bring something new and kindle customers’ interest due to interesting features. Virtual reality allows players to feel like in a real casino, communicate with other gamblers, interact with dealers, hear distinctive sounds of chips and cards, etc.

However, VR is an expensive technology not only for operators who want to offer unique software to their customers, but also for players. The latter will also need to buy appropriate equipment that will be compatible with resource-intensive website of gambling venue.

The first VR online casino SlotsMillion was already launched on the gambling market. Organizer offers its customers not only to plunge into inviting gambling atmosphere, but also to enjoy a collection of more than thousand gambling products.

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Top 3 innovations: bitcoin, mobile, RPG & quest-gambling

Talking about innovations, it is impossible to keep silence about cryptocurrencies, blockchain and its by-product - Bitcoin. According to cryptoexperts, Bitcoin will become a universal mean of payment in the near future. If to talk about Bitcoin and gambling industry, it should be mentioned that such a tandem is a key to successful implementation of virtual casino project.

Soon gadgets will become the main gambling tool. Mobile sector will take a key position in the gambling world. It will lead to the development of innovations by mobile companies.

Traditional slot machines and roulette will be replaced by new types of games with quest elements and RPG with a wider liberty of actions for players. Innovative gambling games will have a higher players’ engagement rate.

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